MedProID Background

DirectID – Groupize

MedPro’s Industry-Leading Healthcare Data Validation Integrated with Groupize’s Platform for Comprehensive Event and HCP Sign-In Sheet Management

Search, capture & validate Healthcare Professional (HCP) data in real-time with MedPro Systems’ seamless integration into the Groupize Total Meeting Management platform.

Total Meetings Management & Digital Sign-In

MedPro DirectID – Groupize users can validate HCP credentials during in
office events and event registration by leveraging MedProID®, the premier 30M record healthcare license database, eliminating the need for manual look ups and providing a single source of truth for improved data governance.

Attendance data and no-shows can be further tracked via the Groupize platform and with the Groupize Digital Sign-In module, you can seamlessly capture HCP spend data to meet federal Open Payments (Sunshine Act), state and local transparency reporting requirements.


Effortlessly maintain HCP attendee and spend tracking for events while saving time and eliminating errors caused by manual entry, reducing compliance risk.


Seamless integration with SAP® Concur® for
end-to-end management of HCP event expense capture with automated export to MedPro ComplianceReportingID® for aggregate spend reporting.


Simplify your entire events journey – from smaller in-office HCP visits, to speaker dinner meetings, to packed industry conferences.


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