MedProID Background

DirectID – Philly Marketing Labs

MedPro’s DirectID – Philly Marketing Labs (PML) integration allows real-time data access to the 27 million record MedProID healthcare license database to review, add, and validate Healthcare Professional (HCP) data directly within PML’s pre-built, easy to implement validation portals. PML’s HCP validation portals can live on a brand’s website and seamlessly integrate with fulfillment centers to send out samples to licensed practitioners.

DirectID customers can, in real-time, validate and send samples to HCPs licensed in the brand’s field(s) of interest. This allows for an optimal user experience for licensed practitioners while simultaneously allowing the organization to focus sample programs on their target audiences.

  • Real-time HCP validation on your brand’s website that allows only licensed practitioners to request samples
  • Option to connect the validation portal with your fulfillment center to process and send orders immediately after a practitioner request
  • Dashboard with relevant metrics to quickly show any data and trends associated with products available for sample requests

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