MedProID Background

Field Rep License Validation on Their Mobile Devices

Streamline healthcare license data search and capture for your commercial operations across any mobile device. With MobileID, field representatives can search Healthcare Professional (HCP) data via configurable business rules in real-time, empowering engagement of HCPs not on the call plan by eliminating one-drop sampling and addressing off-label promotion concerns.

Instant License Verification

Confirm the eligibility of HCPs and HCOs for commercial operations and product distribution against their professional designation, license status, and sanction lists – essential for compliance with Aggregate Spend/Open Payments, Corporate Integrity Agreements (CIAs), Deferred Prosecution Agreements (DPAs), DSCSA, PDMA and more.

Streamlined Transparency Reporting

View and capture all required HCP data attributes to meet Federal Open Payments (Sunshine Act), State, and Local Aggregate Spend reporting requirements.

Integrated HCP Mapping

View and identify HCPs based on proximity to your location or close-proximity to existing HCPs on your call plan.

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