2023 Transparency and Aggregate Spend Conference Insights

The MedPro Systems team recently enjoyed attending Informa’s 2023 Transparency, Aggregate Spend & HCP Engagement conference in Washington, D.C. It was an excellent opportunity to connect with so many Life Sciences organizations, teams, and people we support, while keeping current on the newest challenges facing our industry.

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Our Key Takeaways:

1. CMS’s Recent Expansion of Auditing Efforts Leaves Room for Uncertainty

Organizations are unsure how to best prepare for CMS’s recent enforcement actions, spotlighting potential gaps in their own compliance & transparency policies. Many we connect with were left asking, ‘How do you know if a regulation applies to your manufacturer type?’, ‘What happens if you were supposed to report a specific Transfer-of-Value, but it was overlooked?’ and ‘How do you arm yourself with the knowledge and processes needed to be successful and compliant?’

Having a trusted partner – like MedPro – can help you answer these questions, eliminate gaps in your compliance framework and remove your uncertainty when it comes to external audits.

Connect with our compliance advisory specialists for a comprehensive transparency program assessment.

2. Be Prepared to Evolve at the Speed of the Law

A trend we’re noticing – US State and International reporting requirements are growing increasingly more complex with each iteration. Staying diligent with changing regulations and ensuring strong partnerships across your organization (be it HR, Operations, Sales or Finance) are critical components to maintaining a framework that can develop and evolve to meet new laws and regulations.

Leverage MedPro’s in-house compliance expertise & industry benchmarks to build policy with confidence.

3. An Authoritative Transparency Compendium is Crucial for Maintaining Compliance

From Connecticut’s recent bill requiring the registration of ‘Pharmaceutical Marketing Firms’, to Italy’s ongoing transparency reform, the global disclosure landscape shows no signs of slowing down. It can be a daunting task for any team to stay current on their own, especially with so much at risk for non-compliance.

That is why so many industry professionals have turned to MedPro’s RegulatoryID – our centralized, easy-to-use library of the latest regulations, to afford them the peace-of-mind their organization is up-to-date as changes happen.

Drive informed compliance decisions with access to our authoritative reference library.

Our Sessions & Insights:

While attending the conference, members of our MedPro Compliance Advisory team had the opportunity to share our transparency insights through the following sessions:

State Transparency Showcase and Tracker

Road Trip Through New and Unique Requirements Across the US

Travel guides Terra Buckley, JD, and Elan Schefflein, JD, take you through a roadmap of US State transparency new & pending reporting obligations, considerations for compliance, and challenges they’ve seen and helped customers overcome.

Must Have Shareable: Compliance Program Audits & Updates for California, Massachusetts and Nevada

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You Have the Whole World in Your Hands – Now What?

Building and Enhancing Your International Transparency Program

Elan Schefflein, JD, takes you through how to handle new and unclear reporting obligations, internal best practices to implement, and what to consider when entering the international marketplace.

Must Have Shareable: A list of all international reporting deadlines

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