MedProID Background

Enrich your Healthcare Profiles with Linked Address, Professional, and Organization Associations

Enrich your CRM/MDM universe with all affiliated demographic data to drive expanded sales and marketing opportunities. AffiliationID from MedPro Systems links Healthcare Professional (HCP) and Healthcare Organization (HCO) records with all affiliated HCPs, HCOs, and addresses linked back to their professional and licensing associations and uncovers new commercial & compliance engagement opportunities with a single touchpoint.

Quick-search and Filter by Detailed Profile Attributes

Easily find via name, address(es), specialty, licensing status, and key attributes from every major Federal, State, and Medical Association dataset:

  • State License Number (SLN)
  • National Provider Identifier (NPI)
  • Covered State Recipient ID
  • Controlled Drug Substance Numbers (CDS)
  • Health Industry Numbers (HIN)

View Legacy Licensing Data

Access more than 20 years of historical affiliation data, including previous addresses, license statuses, names, sanctions, and more in support of audits and configurable business rules.

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