MedProID Background

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MedPro’s Direct Identification (DirectID) suite provides real-time searching of the MedProID License Validation database directly from leading technology applications such as SAP Concur, Salesforce, and more.

In an era where accuracy, efficiency, and security are paramount, DirectID gives customer insights, through our industry-leading Healthcare Professional (HCP) and Healthcare Organization (HCO) data, to drive informed compliance, sales, and marketing initiatives.

What is DirectID?

DirectID is the industry’s most accurate, comprehensive, and trusted source of HCP and HCO identifying data that integrates directly with your internal systems. With DirectID, you can verify credentials, licenses, and other pertinent information directly from authoritative sources, eliminating manual processes and mitigating the risk of errors.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Provides a centralized, single source of truth for improved data governance.
  • Eliminates the need for legacy systems, disparate databases, and manual lookups.
  • Confirms the eligibility of HCPs and HCOs for commercial operations and product distribution against their professional designation, license status, and sanction lists.
  • Easily find via name, address(es), specialty, licensing status, and key attributes from every major Federal, State, and Medical Association dataset.
  • Enable users to view, capture, and append missing key identifiers and demographic data attributes to existing customer records, eliminating manual entry.

Why Choose DirectID?

  • View Legacy Licensing Data – Access more than 20 years of historical license information, including previous addresses, license statuses, sanctions, and more in support of audits and configurable business rules.
  • Streamlined Transparency Reporting – Enable commercial operations to view and capture all required HCP data attributes to meet Federal Open Payments (Sunshine Act), State, and Local Aggregate Spend reporting requirements directly within your CRM/MDM systems.
  • Unmatched Customer Support – Our dedicated team of industry veterans collects and integrates best-in-class-data, streamlines compliance at every level, and tailors regulatory support to our customers’ individual needs.

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