Navigate Life Sciences Transparency Requirements with Ease

Stay informed on current and evolving transparency regulations impacting the Life Sciences industry with RegulatoryID. Researched, written, and verified by MedPro Systems’ in-house team of pharmaceutical and medical device compliance professionals and attorneys, RegulatoryID offers a centralized, easy-to-use resource library of Federal, State, and International requirements, including:

  • Transparency reporting
  • Gift bans and limitations
  • Field rep registration and licensure (US Only)
  • Compliance program requirements (US Only)

Track News and Reporting Deadlines with Proactive Notifications

RegulatoryID offers proactive email alerts on transparency related industry news, evolving requirements, and deadline reminders.

Quick Search, Filter, and Highlight Information By:

  • Manufacturer Type: Narrow requirements by pharmaceutical or medical device
  • Topic: Filter on transparency reporting, gift bans, field representative registration, and compliance program requirements
  • Region: Sort content into US-based (Federal, State, and Local) or International requirements
  • Status: Focus on current, pending, or archived requirements

Review Content in High-Level Summaries or Detailed Guides

RegulatoryID returns content in two levels of detail:

  • Visual Summaries provide a quick reference guide of high-level requirements across all jurisdictions in scope per topic.
  • Detailed Compilations (Navigators) outline requirements from disparate laws, regulations, and guidance documents in one convenient location, with links to authoritative sources for each topic and jurisdiction. As Navigators are updated, versions can be compared side by side with highlighted changes for quick review.

Streamline Global Transparency Coverage

With comprehensive information for more than 50 countries across five continents, including industry association-based requirements such as EFPIA and MedTech Europe, RegulatoryID synthesizes all global disclosure requirements into an easy-to-navigate compendium, breaking down law and industry association code-based requirements.


Integrate Leading Reporting Software & Support

RegulatoryID is included for all MedPro ComplianceReportingID™ customers, or can be licensed as a standalone solution.

MedPro’s Compliance Advisory Services engages with manufacturers at all stages of their lifecycle to build out or enhance all elements of effective compliance programs, including robust transparency programs.


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