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MedPro Systems’ History and Values

Our Beginnings

In 1989, brothers Howie, Jim, and Ray Ungemach launched the consulting firm Hilltown Systems to design, build, implement, and support custom software applications to solve business needs with technology.

Leveraging their computer science backgrounds and experience with Oracle technologies, they and an expanded team of driven software professionals supported a wide range of customers across various industries for 30 years through Hilltown Systems.

Founders Ray, Jim, and Howie Ungemach at Hilltown/MedPro Systems’ 25th anniversary

Entry into Life Sciences

In 2001, Hilltown started consulting work in the Life Sciences industry to help companies meet the newly enacted PDMA requirements. Seeing a clear and growing need in the industry to support pharmaceutical manufacturers with ongoing healthcare license validation to meet federal and state regulations, MedPro Systems was established.

The foundation of MedPro’s starting approach was MedProID, a comprehensive database of all licensing information obtained directly from authoritative Federal, State, and Industry sources. Customers could leverage this database through a premier suite of solutions including WebID, BulkID, and more to fit their needs. As with Hilltown, MedPro was driven by a set of core objectives to deliver value to their customers:

Superior License Data – We acquire Federal, State, and Industry license data directly from authoritative licensing bodies on a regularly scheduled basis to provide accurate and timely updates. This data, combined with system-based standardization, storage in a custom database, and other industry data sources/identifiers, provides the foundation for exceptional license validation.

Quality Software Tools – Our software applications are designed to optimize technology and minimize costly manual activities. All products can be easily accessed via the web, are user-friendly, and utilize the most advanced database management technologies available today.

Premier Customer Service – We proactively seek to understand customer needs and respond with a flexible delivery of applications, enabling our customers to increase productivity and strengthen compliance.

Exceptional Value – We are committed to providing customers with superior products, enabling significant initial and on-going cost savings, while never compromising on quality or service.

Expansion to Aggregate Spend

In 2011, MedPro expanded beyond our core healthcare license validation solutions to support Life Sciences customers with capture and reporting of HCP data to meet Federal Open Payments (Sunshine Act) & State Aggregate Spend reporting requirements. We established a partnership with SAP Concur to enable real-time HCP data capture within SAP Concur Expense & Invoice for transfers of value (TOV) such as meals provided by Life Sciences sales reps to HCPs, and a Joint Venture with Porzio Life Sciences for the Porzio AggregateSpendID (PASID) transparency solution.

In 2021, after identifying a need to assist our customers and prospects with tailored guidance on establishing, maintaining, and optimizing effective compliance programs at any stage of the customer journey, MedPro Systems launched MedPro ComplianceReportingID, the complete Aggregate Spend reporting solution, and MedPro Compliance Advisory Services, a diverse in-house team of industry professionals uniquely positioned to provide tailored compliance and transparency support. With this launch, MedPro officially established a 5th pillar to our core objectives:

Trusted Compliance Advice – We serve our customers with tailored guidance and support from our diverse in-house team of industry experts and attorneys for building out, optimizing, and maintaining effective compliance and transparency programs.

Who We Are Today

MedPro Systems is the Life Sciences industry’s most trusted partner to support their business and regulatory challenges.

MedPro’s industry-leading software and services assists customers in meeting Aggregate Spend, DSCSA, PDMA, and Stark Law requirements through the premier MedProID platform and expert MedPro Compliance Advisory Services.

Our Core Values


Focused on shared success


Designed to chart the course


Inspired to set the bar


Dedicated to impactful relationships


Trusted to deliver


Invested in your future

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