US State and Local Aggregate Spend Reporting Requirements


As part of the continued effort to further expand transparency into the financial relationships between Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) and Healthcare Organizations (HCOs) and medical product manufacturers, various cities, counties, and states (also known as “jurisdictions”) have enacted legislation that requires the disclosure of data related to these relationships. Depending on the jurisdiction’s requirements, Life Sciences companies must report certain interactions, payments, transfers of value, and/or product samples provided to HCPs and HCOs. These jurisdictions also have different reporting deadlines:

  • Nevada: March 1st
  • Oregon: April 1st
  • Vermont: April 1st
  • Minnesota: May 1st
  • Connecticut: July 1st
  • District of Columbia: July 1st
  • Miami-Dade County (FL): July 1st
  • Massachusetts: July 1st
  • Chicago (IL): No later than 30 days after the department requests it
  • California: Company-defined deadline

Pharmaceutical manufacturers must report on payments made to HCPs and HCOs for travel, research, gifts, speaking engagements, meals, entertainment, education, and other purposes. Additionally, some jurisdictions require reporting on product samples, vouchers, and coupons provided to HCPs. In some instances, pharmaceutical manufacturers must register with the jurisdiction or inform them that a report will be submitted, collect data for the specified reporting period related to these expenditures, format the data according to jurisdictional requirements, and submit the report by that jurisdiction’s deadline.


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