MedProID Background

Verify and Enrich Healthcare Licensing Data

The Healthcare and Life Sciences industries partner with MedPro Systems to solve difficult data challenges in managing, validating, and enriching Healthcare Professional (HCP) and Healthcare Organization (HCO) attributes. With the MedProID® suite of solutions, you can empower your compliance, sales, and marketing operations to:

Verify HCPs

Confirm State Licensing Status, Key Identifiers,Specialty & Address, Sampleability, and much more for Federal, State, and International regulatory compliance.

Verify HCOs

Harness Address, Class of Trade, and Licensing data acquired directly from Departments of Health, State Boards, and additional authoritative sources to validate product shipments and distributions.

Augment Data

Ensure clean and accurate Customer Master & MDM data by eliminating duplicate records, appending missing key identifiers and added demographic data with ongoing proactive attribute updates.

Integrate APIs

Access MedPro’s industry-leading licensing data directly in the tools and solutions important to your organization via RESTful or SOAP-based APIs for streamline data processing.

MedProID® Commercial Operations Product Suite

MedProID is the industry-leading license validation platform for all US-based (including Puerto Rico) Healthcare HCP and HCO profile and demographic data attributes.

Try for Free

Interested in demoing our data? Try our WebID solution for two weeks free! Plus, we’ll validate any size customer test file against MedProID’s data remediation workbench, BulkID, for a no-cost, no obligation review.