MedProID Background

DirectID – Salesforce

DirectID – SalesForce provides a customized database integration for searching and bulk loading of MedProID Healthcare Professional (HCP) data into the platform (including any CRM solutions built on Salesforce).

  • Real-time search of the MedProID HCP license databases or batch loading of CRM updates
  • Locate new HCP targets or update existing records for sales and marketing efforts
  • Capture all key licensing and demographic data attributes required for PDMA validation and Aggregate Spend reporting
  • Configurable to deliver data for specific Corporate Integrity Agreements or other reporting needs

DirectID – Salesforce is available in two different options:

  • Real-time Search – For customers looking to find new HCP records or update HCP profiles in an ad hoc model, DirectID Search for Salesforce enables sales and marketing representatives using the platform (including any CRM solutions built on Salesforce) to search the 27 million record MedProID License Validation Database and insert a record from MedPro or get an update for a record from MedPro
  • Bulk Loading – For customers looking to update a large set of existing HCP/HCO records in bulk, DirectID Batch for Salesforce can perform immediate enrichment to existing contacts or targets within a customer’s environment with the latest address, key identifiers, and licensure information

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