MedProID Background

Verify and Process HCP Demographic Attributes

Verify demographic data collected by your field representatives to strengthen your CRM/MDM universe and manage data challenge processing. Deceased, Moved, Retired (DMR) Challenge from MedPro Systems offers a streamlined solution to collect, process, and accurately resolve data conflicts regarding Healthcare Professional (HCP) status changes reported by your commercial operations team. Quickly verify if an HCP has is still practicing but has moved, is now retired, or if they are deceased.

MedPro works with your organization to develop and implement a process to flag discrepancies between your field capture and CRM/MDM universe. Challenges are reviewed by our US-based Customer Success team, processed against MedPro’s data remediation workbench solution, BulkID, and quickly returned to your MDM universe to strengthen realignment of commercial operations.

Key Features

Integrated Call Center Verification

Customers can develop custom codes, call scripts, and processes for MedPro’s Information Verification Specialists to engage with HCP contacts and verify their status.

Configurable Updates

The entire process is transparent to the customer and can be repeated on an ongoing basis with defined SLAs and response times.

Simplified Data Processing

Data is returned to the customer in defined, consistent layouts that can be customized to meet downstream system requirements.

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