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Data Stewardship for Streamlined HCP Engagement

Data stewardship serves a vital role for Life Sciences organizations in operationalizing CRM/MDM healthcare practitioner (HCP) data, to streamline and sync internal processes for compliance, sales and marketing teams.

Data stewardship from MedPro Systems helps bridge the requests of all teams, ensuring seamless capture, validation, and dispute management of HCP records in your database for targeted sales representative engagements.

MedPro’s data stewards are full-time employees based in NJ with expertise in managing HCP license and demographic data to comply with federal and state regulations. If you are currently experiencing challenges with your internal or outsourced data stewardship processes, we can help.

Allow Our Team to Help You:

  • Verify and adjudicate HCP primary address and license statuses to ensure field reps engage active targets in their territories.
  • Capture in-depth demographic and specialty data, including therapeutic focus, essential for targeted sales and marketing engagements.
  • Duplicate record detection and remediation to provide accurate reporting, aggregation, and logging of field rep meetings with HCPs in your CRM.

Contact us today, to discuss how MedPro’s data stewardship team can help you get the most out of your CRM/MDM healthcare license data.

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