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Healthcare Data for Enhancing Direct to Practitioner (DTP) Initiatives

As part of the many challenges of COVID-19, sending pharmaceutical sales representatives direct to healthcare practitioners (HCPs) or healthcare organizations (HCOs) is no longer an option. The Life Sciences industry as a whole is switching its focus to remote engagements with HCPs and Direct to Practitioner (DTP) sampling during this time.

With this comes the added challenge of remotely verifying HCP license and address data to ensure compliance with the federal and state regulations, including the temporary measures being adopted by various state licensing boards in response to COVID-19. The need for a solution to automate this compliance process within the tools your organization is using today has never been greater, and MedPro Systems is standing by to help.

Our Healthcare License Validation Solutions Can Help You:

  • Access real-time address verification for your DTP initiatives prior to sample shipments, avoiding costly shipping delays and returns based on inaccurate address data.
  • Verify and enrich healthcare license data directly within the tools and solutions critical to your organization via standard APIs to streamline data processing.
  • Receive daily, weekly, or custom interval updates for license status changes, including revocations, sanctions, or renewals for sampling review.

Our team is also closely monitoring the state licensing board responses to COVID-19 and the temporary regulation changes they’re enacting. We are actively updating our processes to adapt to these changes, and we are here to answer any questions you may have.

Contact us today, and our team would be happy to discuss how our solutions can fit into your remote HCP and HCO engagement strategies. We can also provide our Case study, on how we are streamlining a Top 5 Pharma’s DTP fulfillment process through automated SLN verification for DSCSA compliance.

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