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In-Office Sales Engagements: Polling the Front Lines of Healthcare

Under the many challenges of COVID-19, it has been immensely more difficult for the Life Sciences industry to engage with, educate, and provide samples to healthcare providers (HCPs) regarding their products. Sales Representatives have been grounded as the procedures for in-office visits have become unclear, limiting their ability to reach practitioners effectively.

In an effort to outline the current measures in place, MedPro’s Data Stewardship team is polling HCP offices in all 50 states to acquire firsthand information regarding the rules of engagement for sales representatives for in-office visits during the crisis.

Here are some of the responses we’ve collected from healthcare offices regarding onsite visits in the last few days:

  • “As of right now, only virtual visits are allowed by sales representatives.”
  • “Rep access is by virtual lunch only. Food must be delivered, and the HCP will call the rep; there is no date for reopening to reps yet.”
  • Reps are allowed if they want to visit, they are required to wear a mask, and their temperature will be taken. The office is open.”
  • Reps must call the office beforehand for specific instructions; for example, they should come through the back door of the office.”
  • Reps are not allowed as of yet, not sure when this will change. Reps can have breakfast or lunch delivered, and the doctor will reach out to the reps if anything is needed.”
  • Reps are allowed to visit the office on the “well-side” of the waiting room. The office has been divided into two segments, with patients separated that may have been impacted by the virus.”

MedPro can partner with your Sales Operations, Compliance, and Legal teams to acquire the most relevant answers regarding in-office engagements for top sales reps and priority HCPs, gaining a valuable competitive edge. Gain answers to specific questions such as, ‘Are there any specialty limitations for visits?,’ ‘What is the current face mask and protective gear policy?,’ ‘Is there a mandatory temperature reading for visits?,’ and more.

Contact us today to work with our data stewardship team to develop specific questions, call scripts, and target lists to ensure your sales representatives can engage with practitioners effectively and safely.

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