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MedProID Version 16 Release

As part of our ongoing effort to make the MedProID® suite of products the most powerful and easy to use license validation application available, the latest release of MedProID, Version 16, will be moved to production on September 19th, 2016.

Version 16 contains features designed to further enhance the end user experience with MedPro’s practitioner and organization healthcare license validation processes. Just a few features in the new version include:

  • Release of Proactive HCP Higher Level State License Solution
  • Updated Validated Physician List Data incorporated into MedProID
  • Open Payments 2015 Data incorporated into MedProID
  • Implementation of MedPro Quick Search within WebID®
  • Release of ChallengeID®
  • Enhanced WebServicesID® HCP and HCO One Pass Web Service Architecture
  • Concur Connect Expense Enhancements and Release of Concur Connect Invoice

Please feel free to call your Sales Representative to schedule a convenient time for an overview of the new version. If you are attending the PDMA Sharing Conference (Sept. 18th to 21st 2016), please stop by the MedPro booth and we will be happy to demonstrate the new Version 16 features & services. Enjoy the new version and please contact us with any questions.

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