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MedProID Version 17 Release

MedPro Systems is pleased to announce the launch of MedProID® Version 17.0! Improvements in this new version focus on expanding our MedProID® data sources and HCP identifiers, enhanced connectivity with our growing DirectID® partner network, and enabling compliance with new Ohio TDDD and Chicago reporting requirements.

We’ve enhanced MedProID to:

  • Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioner medical association specialty data for compliance, regulatory, and marketing needs.
  • Medical claims-based data supporting both affiliations and board-certified specialties to build richer, more accurate profiles.
  • Occupational and Physical Therapists are now available- we currently have 26 Professional Designation types in the MedProID.

Integrate Seamlessly into our Growing Partnership Network:

  • Through our DirectID integrations, MedPro Systems is continuously expanding our partnership network to provide pre-built functionality for managing healthcare licensing data within industry leading software solutions.
  • Our end-to-end DirectID – integration allows for expanded ‘search before create’ capabilities and automated data stewardship/ maintenance, ensuring your instance of CRM has the most the accurate and complete HCP/HCO data.

Streamline Compliance with Ohio TDDD and Chicago’s Reporting Requirements:

Ohio Terminal Distributors of Dangerous Drugs (TDDD):

  • Reduce the complexity of Ohio-based sampling with TDDD license validation fully supported across the entire MedProID suite of solutions, including WebID® , BulkID, DirectID –, and WebServicesID®.
  • To learn about the OH TDDD regulations, download the MedPro Systems co-authored article which provides a comprehensive overview of Ohio Drug Distribution Verification requirements, or visit the OH Board of Pharmacy website

Chicago Reporting Requirements:

  • Chicago now requires the disclosure of interactions between pharmaceutical representatives and healthcare providers that take place within the Chicago city limits. Customers are required to disclose interactions that involve the marketing or promotion of Schedule II medications.
  • Our industry-leading aggregate spend tracking and reporting solution, Porzio AggregateSpendID® , created in partnership with Porzio Life Sciences, now fully supports compliance with Chicago’s specific reporting regulations.

To learn more today about MedProID® Version 17.0, contact your MedPro Sales Representative.

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