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SAP Concur

  • MedPro Systems and SAP Concur have partnered to provide SAP Concur users with access to the industry-leading healthcare license database, MedProID, via MedPro’s Concur Connect solution.
  • MedPro Concur Connect offers a seamless HCP Expense & Invoice integration with an automated data export to MedPro ComplianceReportingID.
  • SAP Concur imagines the way the world should work, offering cloud-based services that make it simple to manage travel and expenses. By connecting data, applications and people, SAP Concur delivers an effortless experience and total transparency into spending wherever and whenever it happens. SAP Concur services adapt to individual employee preferences and scale to meet the needs of companies from small to large, so they can focus on what matters most.

To learn more about SAP Concur please visit their website:

Beghou Consulting

  • MedPro Systems and Beghou Consulting have partnered to provide the Life Sciences industry access to the leading healthcare license database, MedProID directly within Beghou Consulting’s ARMADA and Mainsail platforms via our DirectID – Beghou Consulting solution.
  • Beghou Consulting partners with clients in the life sciences industry to enable commercial excellence and deploy end-to-end technology solutions tailored specifically to the challenges in health and life sciences. Our flexible, data-driven and collaborative approach to client engagements yields high impact results with an emphasis on quality, accuracy, and attention to detail. Based on over 25 years of experience, our solutions are designed to handle the nuanced and complex nature of data in the life sciences industry.
  • Beghou’s Mainsail SaaS platform combines the benefits of custom development with the stability, ease of use, and speed of third party tools. Business users and field professionals leverage Mainsail to govern their master data, construct data change request workflows, and generate customer insights. The Mainsail – MedPro DirectID integration allows users to seamlessly enrich and enhance the quality of their customer data with direct access to MedPro’s industry leading HCP database.
  • Beghou’s ARMADA cloud-based data platform enables you to take command of your data – from ingestion to processing and analytics ARMADA offers next generation processing power and scalability in a secure enterprise data platform developed by Beghou exclusively for the life sciences industry. ARMADA’s seamless integration with MedProID® enables you to enhance any data process with the industry’s leading source of HCP and HCO identities and licenses.

To learn more about Beghou Consulting, please visit their website:

BridgeView Life Sciences

  • MedPro Systems and BridgeView Life Sciences have partnered to support the Life Sciences industry with a variety of services and solutions including advisory and governance services, outsourced IT and business process operations, and process design and implementation of digital & information technologies to drive transformational initiatives.
  • BridgeView Life Sciences provides its clients IT strategy consulting, technology implementation, and integration services along with managed technology and functional services. This ensures that BridgeView customers are properly prepared to commercialize and have compliant technology and procedural solutions in place to safeguard success – not only at product launch, but in a sustainable fashion.

To learn more about BridgeView Life Sciences, please visit their website:


  • MedPro Systems® and BrightScale have partnered to provide the Life Sciences industry combined support with access to the leading healthcare license database, MedProID, directly from BrightScale’s managed commercial platform.
  • Powered by Cloud-based technologies, BrightScale’s commercial platform delivers best of breed customer relationship management, data integration and analytics to its Commercial Life Sciences customers.
  • With expertise in commercial strategy, technology, and sales operations, BrightScale provides a technology platform and related strategic services that ensure a successful product launch and sustained product growth for its customers.

To learn more about BrightScale, please visit their website:

CCG Marketing Solutions

  • MedPro Systems® and CCG Marketing Solutions have partnered since 2006 to provide the Life Sciences industry combined support of Direct To Practitioner (DTP) sampling initiatives, by meeting PDMA state license validation requirements prior to fulfillment to healthcare professionals. 
  • CCG Marketing has been in business since 1963, and has been supporting pharmaceutical sample distribution programs since 2005. CCG has 500,000 square feet of GMP/cGMP space in two state-of-the-art facilities located in Towaco, NJ, providing cold chain, ambient, and DEA Schedule III, IV, and V storage and fulfillment services. CCG offers additional solutions including Sample Allocations, Sample Distributions, Collateral Ordering, and HCP ordering portals, as well as integrations with most SFA vendors. 

To learn more about CCG Marketing Solutions, please visit their website:

Close-Up International

  • MedPro Systems and Close-Up International have partnered to provide real-time access to MedProID’s validated HCP database within the Close-Up CRM.
  • Close-Up customers can add, validate and revalidate HPCs via MedPro DirectID – Close-UpCRM solution.
  • Close-Up CRM has been a leading CRM platform in the Life-Sciences Industry for over 30 years, supporting 210 customers in 50+ countries worldwide, with more than 45,000 users. Across five continents, Close-Up CRM has been integrated with the best data providers to enable the best experience to its customers’ sales and promotion teams.
  • Close-Up solution covers all phases of the Life-Sciences promotional and commercial cycles, including CRM, Market Access, Sample Management and Accountability, Digital Marketing, an exclusive virtual call and sampling platform as well as BI/Data Analytics tools.

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Chrome River

  • MedPro Systems and Chrome River have partnered to provide Chrome River Travel and Expense users with access to the industry leading healthcare license database, MedProID, via our MedPro DirectID – Chrome River solution.
  • Chrome River is a leading provider of online expense reporting and invoice automation that handles expense and invoice intake, compliance, routing, approvals and integration with financial systems, credit card feeds and travel booking tools. Immediate payback is realized with no hardware, software, or long-term commitment.

To learn more about Chrome River please visit their website:


  • MedPro Systems and DATABASICS have partnered to provide DATABASICS Travel and Expense users with access to the industry leading healthcare license database, MedProID, via our MedPro DirectID – DATABASICS solution.
  • DATABASICS Expense Reporting is the industry’s most comprehensive, flexible, and fully-integrated solution. Through seamless integration with travel, card, accounting, and other key corporate systems, DATABASICS provides maximum value, ease of use, and automation to all aspects of the expense processing chain.
  • DATABASICS Mobile and Web Solutions are deployed globally by organizations of all sizes and industries.

To learn more about DATABASICS please visit their website:

Frictionless Solutions

  • MedPro Systems and Frictionless Solutions have partnered to provide the Life Sciences industry combined support with the Frictionless speaker management system, enabling accurate Healthcare Professional (HCP) data entry while planning and executing HCP engagements & events via our MedPro DirectID – Frictionless Solutions integration
  • Frictionless Solutions is a technology and services provider with over 100 combined years of Healthcare experience, providing Speaker Bureau Nomination, Verification, Contracting & Management, HCP Engagements (Speaker Programs, Consulting, Advisory Boards) and much more
  • Frictionless Solutions collaborates with diverse stakeholders, assessing workflows & business rules to configure instances of technology solutions to streamline processes, provide audit trails, increase transparency & generate metric driven reports to analyze data  

To learn more about Frictionless Solutions, please visit their website:


  • MedPro Systems and Groupize have partnered to provide the Life Sciences industry access to the leading healthcare license database, MedProID, directly within the Groupize Meeting & Event Management platform via our DirectID – Groupize solution
  • Life Sciences organizations can now automate HCP license verification in the Groupize platform as part of the registration process for live and virtual events, empowering pharmaceutical and medical device companies to effortlessly maintain attendee and spend tracking management compliance without manual efforts, eliminating errors.
  • Seamlessly integrates with SAP Concur for end-to-end management of HCP event expense capture and reporting.
  • Groupize has re-imagined meeting and event management with easy-to-use, out-of-the-box tools that simplify all processes for any size event. As the entry point and centralized hub for corporations to manage expense, travel and risk for all meetings, projects and events, the benefits of the cloud-based solution include governing company costs through intelligent spend.

To learn more about Groupize, please visit their website:

Howell Marketing Services

  • MedPro Systems and Howell Marketing Services have partnered to provide the Life Sciences industry combined support providing fulfillment and distribution services.
  • Howell Marketing Services (HMS®) is a full-service sample fulfillment, distribution, and direct marketing company, committed to providing customers with the highest quality services. HMS marketing solutions produce efficient, timely results that are completely industry compliant and performed to exceed customer’s highest expectations.
  • For more than 40 years, HMS has engaged in fulfillment and distribution services for the Life Sciences and Consumer Products industries. HMS operates as a division of F. M. Howell & Company, a leader in packaging manufacturing and services for over 139 years.

To learn more about Howell Marketing Services, please visit their website: 


  • MedPro Systems and imidia have partnered to offer an enhanced integration into the Reltio Self-Learning Data Platform. The combined offering will increase the delivery speed & updates of MedPro Systems’ Healthcare Practitioner (HCP) data within a Life Sciences’ instance of Relito.
  • imidia, The Data Foundation Company, is a leading solutions provider of enterprise cloud data management, governance, analytics, and integration solutions. iMiDiA offers unique and distinct Information Management practices that comprise of Data Governance, Data Quality, Master Data Management, Data Integration and Analytics expertise. imidia’s ability to collect, understand, and distribute information is the foundation of its unparalleled set of services.

To learn more about imidia please visit their website:


  • MedPro Systems and ImpactBio have partnered to provide the Life Sciences industry tailored Outsourced and Recruiting Solutions by empowering field representatives with direct access to the industry-leading healthcare license database, MedProID. ImpactBio specializes in expanding and supporting Pharma, Biotech, and Medical Device organizations by finding the best talent in the industry and building commercial and clinical teams for their clients.  
  • ImpactBio offers Best-in-Class service across every area of need for new and growing Life Sciences organizations. The ImpactBio Outsourced Model / CSO has evolved to meet the needs of today, with trusted and proven results delivered by a team of experts. ImpactBio’s Best-in-Industry service is obtained through the experience of the collective team, with hundreds of successful product and company launches.
  • ImpactBio offers Full-Cycle Recruiting Services to secure the best talent in the industry for their clients: sourcing, interviewing, and scheduling logistics are managed, so clients can take the time they need to evaluate the fit of the candidates to the role and their organization.

To learn more about ImpactBio, please visit their website:

Informatica Partnership

  • MedPro Systems and Informatica have partnered to provide customers access to the industry-leading healthcare license validation database, MedProID, within Informatica’s Customer 360 for Life Sciences MDM application.
  • Developed in close collaboration, DirectID – Informatica manages and enriches a customer’s MDM data against MedPro’s 27 million record healthcare database to capture and append all key licensing attributes to provide a complete and consistent 360-degree view of HCP & HCO records and the relationships between them.
  • The out-of-the-box accelerator comes complete with connection and data mappings already defined, reducing implementation time and cost for streamlined data governance. Informatica Intelligent Master Data Management is the only offering that manages all domains of master data in a single Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.
  • Informatica, an Enterprise Cloud Data Management leader, empowers businesses to realize the transformative power of data. They have pioneered a new category of software, the Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud™ (IDMC), powered by AI and a cloud-first, cloud-native, end-to-end data management platform that connects, manages, and unifies data across any multi-cloud, hybrid system, empowering enterprises to modernize and advance their data strategies.

To learn more about Informatica, please visit: Informatica Customer 360 for Life Sciences.

Lyndon Group

  • MedPro Systems and Lyndon Group have partnered to provide combined support for Life Sciences & Healthcare companies that utilize the SAP Concur suites of solutions.
  • Lyndon Group provides travel and spend management services to organizations, including Fortune 50 companies, middle market organizations, and emerging companies.
  • As an SAP Concur Certified Consulting Partner and Premier Implementation Partner, Lyndon Group’s reputation has been built on successfully implementing, optimizing, and maintaining SAP Concur solutions so that each and every one of their clients can mitigate risk and drastically increase their productivity, reduce costs, and achieve a quicker and greater return on their SAP Concur investment than what they could achieve on their own.
  • To learn more about Lyndon Group, please visit their website:

Micro Merchant Systems

  • MedPro Systems and Micro Merchant Systems have partnered to provide Micro Merchant pharmacy users with access to the industry-leading MedProID healthcare license database via MedPro’s DirectID – Micro Merchant solution.
  • Micro Merchant Systems has met the needs of independent pharmacies for nearly 30 years. Over 4,000 pharmacies throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico trust Micro Merchant Systems to manage their retail, long-term care, compounding, mail order, specialty, and telepharmacy technology needs. The Micro Merchant Systems PrimeRx™ portfolio of intuitive, user-friendly solutions is regularly updated to reflect changing pharmacy needs.
  • To learn more about Micro Merchant Systems, please visit their website:

Mosaic Solutions Group

  • MedPro Systems and Mosaic Solutions Group have partnered to provide users access to the industry leading healthcare license database, MedProID, via our MedPro DirectID – Mosaic Solutions Group solution.
  • Mosaic’s Dynamic Customer Maintenance Application (DCM) module gives users in the field and the home office, the power to see and manage their single-source-of-truth customer master in real-time. Users can see the total value of customers at all levels of their real-life customer hierarchy from HCPs and practice locations to Medical Groups, Hospitals, IDNs and more. Organizations can accurately measure the impact of their total engagement with customers at all levels so decision makers know how to manage their most valuable resources. Mosaic’s MDM system allows organizations to ensure accurate incentive compensation, timely, accurate reporting, analytics and decision support as well as a high level of trust generally in their data. With hundreds of standard, automated daily QC tests backed up by curation via human-intelligence, Mosaic’s system eliminates errors that survive in purely programmatic solutions. The system recognizes and resolves common errors, such as duplicates or mislinks, that undermine business decisions.
  • The Mosaic Master Data Management solution is a fully integrated component of their Data Warehouse as a Service platform which provides pharma companies a simple, economical way to manage all of their commercial data in a single-source-of-truth. The Mosaic Data Management environment allows pharma companies to provide their commercial teams with same day reporting and analytics and to scale easily as their business grows. Users across the commercial team, regardless of their technical acumen, enjoy fast, easy, anytime access to their data so that decision makers always have the clarity they need to drive their business. 

To learn more about Mosaic Solutions Group, please visit their website:


  • MedPro Systems and Motus have partnered to support Life Sciences sales teams to do their jobs in an efficient and compliant way. 
  • Motus is the leader in vehicle reimbursement solutions and supports adherence to IRS guidelines and labor laws, while ensuring mobile employees are fairly and accurately reimbursed for the business use of their vehicles.

The mileage solutions provided by Motus can be fully integrated with Concur or your payroll system and help 170+ Life Sciences companies improve efficiency – often saving hundreds of thousands of dollars. To learn more about Motus, please visit their website:

NXLevel Compliance

  • MedPro Systems and NXLevel Compliance have partnered to provide clients with industry-leading compliance training solutions and services.
  • NXLevel Compliance helps Life Sciences companies reduce compliance risk through better foundational training, reinforcement solutions, and learning support tools. Offerings include the Compliance Foundations suite of customizable eLearning modules, Compliance QuickTakes microlearning, custom compliance training development, workshop development and the Access LMS training portal.

To learn more about NXLevel Compliance or to see demonstrations of their solutions, please visit:

Options Travel

  • MedPro Systems and Options Travel have partnered to meet biotech, pharma and medical device companies requirements for best in class HCP data capture to support coordinating meetings, booking business travel and Open Payments transparency reporting.
  • Options Travel supports the Life Sciences Industry with:
    • Groups & Meetings: Supporting biotech, pharma and medical device companies’ travel for group events related to: Investigator Meetings for Clinical Trials, Launch Meetings, Sales Kick-offs, Mid-Year Meetings and President’s Club trips.
    • Travel Management: Services to support and optimize your managed travel program with a dedicated Account Manager and a team of experienced Travel Counselors.
    • Travel Technology: Connected experience between MedPro Systems, Options Travel and SAP Concur.

To learn more about Options Travel, please visit their website:


  • MedPro Systems and P360 have partnered to provide P360 users with access to the industry leading healthcare license database, MedProID, via our MedPro DirectID – P360 Solution.
  • P360 is built on Microsoft’s cloud platform and is specifically designed to help Life Sciences companies digitally transition to Pharma 3.0. P360 enables your organization to leverage data from multiple sources both internal and external allowing your people to access key information they never had before. With our twenty years of industry expertise, P360 will shepherd you through the digital journey, unlocking data that will empower your employees to greater heights of the productivity.

To learn more about P360 please visit their website:


  • MedPro Systems and Pharmagration have partnered to provide the Life Sciences industry seamless access to the industry-leading healthcare license database, MedProID, from within the Pharmagration CRM platform via MedPro’s DirectID – Pharmagration solution.
  • The Pharmagration CRM, Data Warehouse and Commercial Ops Data Interface (CODI) are built for you and backed by our relentless pursuit of outstanding customer service.
  • At Pharmagration, we leverage technology and years of experience to make Commercial Teams successful.  We are your Commercial Ops Allies.

To learn more about Pharmagration, please visit their website:


  • MedPro Systems and PharMethod, Inc. have partnered to provide Life Sciences companies with access to the industry-leading healthcare license database, MedProID, via our MedPro DirectID integration with PharMethod’s PharmaSPEAK speaker bureau management platform. This integration provides customers with a comprehensive, state-of-the-art solution for speaker bureau program management, data tracking and reporting.
  • PharMethod is a leading partner for speaker bureau management solutions, meeting & event management, and dynamic online customer engagement platforms. PharMethod solutions include effortless execution of live, virtual and hybrid meetings and events that boost brand awareness and strategic participation, and deliver multichannel communications to reach and retain preferred partners.
  • PharMethod tackles the challenges of HCP engagement, including the ever-evolving compliance and reporting landscape, and stays abreast of the innovations in technology, service and data analytics that are key to customers’ business goals.

To learn more about PharMethod, please visit their website:

Philly Marketing Labs

  • MedPro Systems and Philly Marketing Labs (PML) have partnered to provide the Life Sciences industry access to the leading healthcare license database, MedProID, directly within PML’s pre-built, easy-to-implement healthcare practitioner (HCP) validation portals. PML’s HCP validation portals can live on a brand’s website and seamlessly integrate with fulfillment centers to send out samples to licensed practitioners.
  • MedPro DirectID – Philly Marketing Labs customers can, in real-time, validate and send samples to HCPs licensed in the brand’s field(s) of interest. This allows for an optimal user experience for licensed practitioners while simultaneously allowing the organization to focus sample programs on their target audiences.
  • PML is a Digital Marketing Agency based in Philadelphia, working primarily with CPG healthcare manufacturers to manage and scale their digital efforts. PML is a Google Premier Agency managing over $1.5 million in monthly ad spend across Paid Search YouTube, and Microsoft advertising. PML works as an extension of your team, helping you with strategy, implementation, and ongoing management. They combine the science of analytics with a uniquely human element to develop winning strategies and marketing campaigns that align with your business goals and objectives.

To learn more about Philly Marketing Labs, please visit their website:


  • MedPro DirectID – Reltio enables access to MedPro Systems’ leading Healthcare Professional (HCP) and Healthcare Organization (HCO) data within Reltio’s Connected Data Platform
  • Reltio Information Convergence applications allow business users to understand markets, drive revenue opportunities and reduce risk exposure through actionable, real-time and predictive insights by relating disparate datasets from multiple sources. Reltio provides a cloud-based intuitive, visual environment for business users to navigate data insights and curate, update and enrich their business data to continually improve enterprise information.
  • MedPro Systems takes advantage of Reltio’s technology to help their customers’ access and operationalize their data products and services. Reltio provides access to the MedProID data products within the Reltio cloud for our mutual customers.
  • Reltio leverages big data infrastructure technologies and innovations in schema-free modeling, master data resolution and applicative search while incorporating enterprise data, third party and social data – with data stewardship services.

To learn more about Reltio please visit their website:


  • MedPro Systems and RxS have partnered to provide RxS LinkedRx and TeleTargetRx platform users with access to the industry leading healthcare license database, MedProID, via our DirectID – RxS solution.
  • The DirectID – RxS integration enables RxS’ proprietary Pharmaceutical Sample Management suite of products immediate & secure access to the industry leading 27M record MedProID HCP database for the most up to date practitioner licensure information available today.
  • RxS removes the complexity and the administrative burden of managing multichannel sampling activities for its clients by offering services, technology and expertise specific to the Life Sciences industry. Where Rep Sample Accountability left off, RxS continues with PDMA compliance and Sample Management for all channels.
  • RxS offerings include: MultiChannel PDMA Sample Management & Sample Accountability; Channel Initiation/Management; SaaS Specialty Sales – TeleServices CRM; Contract Sales Team Implementation; Reporting and Analytics; Custom Program Management and Technical Development; Back Office Support; and, Business and Operations SME Consulting.

To learn more about RxS please visit their website:


  • MedPro Systems and StayinFront have partnered to provide StayinFront TouchRx platform users with access to the industry leading healthcare license database.
  • StayinFront customers can add, validate or revalidate healthcare professionals on their mobile device via the MedPro DirectID – StayinFront solution.
  • StayinFront provides a full suite of mobile, cloud-based field force effectiveness and customer relationship management solutions for Life Sciences organizations. Companies of all sizes in over 50 countries use StayinFront software to streamline operations and reduce the complexity, time and expense associated with field efforts. StayinFront’s products provide companies with timely, accurate field data and insight, enabling management to make immediate changes and take steps to improve business and sell more.

To learn more about StayinFront please visit their website:


  • MedPro Systems and Synergistix have partnered to provide complete customer relationship management software for Life Sciences companies. Access and validate HCP State license data in real-time within the Synergistix CRM application via our MedPro DirectID – Synergistix solution.
  • Synergistix is a Technology and Compliance Solutions organization that drives effectiveness and efficiency for their partners through their Products, Performance and People to ultimately benefit patients. For 25 years, Synergistix has provided quality solutions for Life Sciences companies in Sampling Services, CRM, Market Access and Data Analytics designed exclusively for their needs.
  • Synergistix’s SampleIQ suite of services include Sample Accountability Program, Direct to Practitioner Program, Rep Ordering Portal, HCP Ordering Portal systems and support.
  • Synergistix’s Data Solutions offerings include Disparate Data Aggregation, Data Analytics and Reporting Tool (DART), Market Access Solutions as well as powerful Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse analytics for informed decision making.

To learn more about Synergistix please visit their website:

Tegra Logo

Tegra Analytics

  • MedPro Systems® and Tegra Analytics have partnered to provide the Life Sciences industry with custom, accurate, and straightforward analytical products and services. MedPro’s HCP validation and up-to-date best addresses are integrated daily, weekly, and monthly into Tegra’s commercial operations analytics and reports.
  • Tegra has the experience and expertise to help design and administer a sales force incentive compensation plan, or to determine the appropriate sales force size, or to optimize a sales force expansion with HCP, clinic, and hospital targets.

To learn more about Tegra Analytics, please visit their website:


  • Through our partnership and DirectID integration, clients can now access the industry-leading healthcare license database, MedProID, within TikaMobile’s cloud-based CRM software solutions.
  • TikaMobile, Inc. is the premier leader in cloud-based business intelligence and CRM software for the global life sciences industry. By combining many disparate sales and marketing tools into a single easy-to-use application, while applying prescriptive, actionable analytics across the commercial organization, Tika is transforming and optimizing sales organizations for pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Tika is committed to innovation, product excellence, and customer success and works with organizations of all sizes. Headquartered in New York City, Tika has offices in the United States, Europe and India.

To learn more about, please visit their website:

The Sharing Alliance

  • The Sharing Alliance, formerly known as The PDMA Alliance, is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the ongoing education of its members on pharmaceutical sample compliance best practices. Since its founding in 1989, the focus has been improving the industry’s understanding the Prescription Drug Marketing Act of 1987 (PDMA) and related sample compliance regulations. Since then, the Alliance’s focus has also expanded to include other areas critical to a strong regulatory compliance program such as OIG Guidelines, Corporate Integrity Agreements, Open Payments, Aggregate Spend, the Drug Supply Chain Security Act, 340B Drug Pricing Program, and more.
  • MedPro Systems has been an active member of The Sharing Alliance since the earliest days of MedProID and looks forward to many future years of participation and mutual shared benefits with the organization.

To learn more about The Sharing Alliance, please visit their website:

Trinty Life Sciences

  • MedPro Systems® and Trinity Life Sciences have partnered to provide the Life Sciences industry combined support with access to the leading healthcare license database, MedProID, directly within the Trinity Master Data Management solution.
  • Trinity Master Data Management provides organizations the ability to integrate critical data sources, enabled across the commercial data ecosystem including CRM, regardless of platform choice. Beyond capabilities expected from any master data management solution (lookup, resolution, and management of customer information), Commercial Operations teams have the ability to manage rosters, zip-codes to territories, IC universes, targets and mapping of non-standard lists to the customer’s universe.
  • Trinity Life Sciences is a trusted strategic commercialization partner, providing evidence-based solutions for the Life Sciences. With 25 years of experience, Trinity is committed to revolutionizing the commercial model by providing exceptional levels of service, powerful tools and data-driven insights. Trinity’s range of products and solutions includes industry-leading benchmarking solutions, powered by TGaS Advisors.

To learn more about Trinity Life Sciences, please visit their website:

Two Labs

  • MedPro Systems and Two Labs have partnered to provide the Life Sciences industry with commercialization support and related services for pharmaceutical manufacturers.
  • Two Labs is a leading pharmaceutical services company specializing in commercialization, strategic consulting, compliance, and medical affairs & communications services. Since 2003, Two Labs has led 270+ new product launches and over 300 in-market projects from pre-launch to loss of exclusivity.

To learn more about Two Labs, please visit their website: