MedProID Background

Proactive Licensure Updates for Compliant Sampling with HCPs

Proactively receive licensure updates for HCPs in your customer universe, to ensure compliant commercial operations and minimize risk. Based on your configurable business rules, Sampleability Updates return an overall Yes/No value for sampling based on license status, expiration date, sanctions, professional designation, and last received date per Healthcare Professional (HCP) record.


  • License Status
  • Expiration Date
  • License Sanctions
  • Professional Designation
  • Last Received Date

Overall Yes/No Sampleability value returned based on your business rules.

Powered by MedProID, access all key licensing and demographic data attributes needed for PDMA (Prescription Drug Marketing Act) compliance. Sampleability Updates can be returned on a daily, weekly, monthly, or custom basis to fit your organization’s needs. Values can be returned via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or XML/JSON based web service API transfers to your CRM/MDM universe for integrated accessibility.

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