Elevate Compliance Data Capture & Reporting for DSCSA Requirements

Leverage our GLN-SLN Data Crosswalk for Holistic ATP Validation

DSCSA Requirements in Effect

DSCSA’s new requirements require pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and third-party logistics providers to report location data of their product shipments as they move through the supply chain.

To meet these requirements, the industry has adopted Global Location Numbers (GLNs) as the standard for reporting location data, layering in GLN capture with State License Number (SLN) review as part of their comprehensive Authorized Trading Partner (ATP) validation. It is essential NOW for organizations to build and adopt data governance strategies for GLN – SLN linking and validation to ensure compliance.

If you are caught unprepared, you may be challenged with:

  • Disruption in your supply-chain management, as major supply chain players are moving to require both GLN & SLN data as part of EPCIS messages
  • The need for manual review and linking data, leading to potential shipping delays and non-compliance with outdated or error prone SLN/GLN data
  • Challenges with current healthcare data vendors not equipped to validate SLN-GLN data
  • Inability or delay in accurately shipping medication to the people who need it most

How MedPro Can Help

With MedProID, the industry-leading healthcare license validation platform, organizations can automate on-going license validation and proactively verify SLN/GLN data for shipments sent to ATPs throughout their supply chain.

MedPro has developed a first-of-its-kind SLN-GLN crosswalk, including serialized Global Location Numbers (sGLNs), with more than 300,000 matched associations (and growing) to fulfill ATP validation requirements.

Paired with our premier US-based Data Stewardship team for complimentary data support and management, our team can help you:

  • Lay the foundation for an efficient solution
  • Efficiently and continuously verify the accuracy of your current GLN information, and provide ongoing updates to ensure you have the latest data
  • Avoid human-error and the need to manually sift through millions of records

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