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Announcing Version 18 of MedProID

MedPro Systems® is pleased to announce the release of our latest update to the MedProID® solution set as part of our continued effort to meet the compliance, regulatory, and marketing needs of the Life Sciences industry.

Version 18’s Key Features:

  • The latest healthcare practitioner (HCP) & healthcare organization (HCO) licensing data delivered at a greater frequency.
  • Enhanced HCP profile attributes for more comprehensive searching, filtering, and enrichment.
  • Expanded integrations and flexibility of the delivery of data in & out of MedProID®.

New Dataset Offerings:

Health System Data for Enhanced HCP Profiles

We’ve compiled data attributes from over 250 individual Health Systems to enhance the demographic and affiliation data on 300,000+ HCP profiles.

As we continue to expand this data set, the following attributes will be appended to MedProID HCP records:

  • Health System Name and URL
  • Practitioner Name and Designation
  • Location Address(es) (up to 10)
  • Specialty and Sub-Specialty (up to 10)
  • Education
  • Group Practice and Hospital Affiliations

Deeper HCP Demographic Data

We’ve added a wide range of HCP profile level demographic attributes for improved review, qualification, and engagement by your sales and marketing resources.

  • HCP Status –An overall status flag is now assigned to every HCP in the United States to determine if they are actively practicing anywhere in the country.
  • HCP Designation – MedProID® will now assign every US-based HCP profile with a Highest Level Designation, to help categorize HCPs who are licensed across multiple designations.
  • Veterans Affairs Flag – MedProID® will now monitor all HCPs that are actively associated with VA systems, allowing for proactive notification of HCP additions and changes.

New Solutions:

MedPro DirectID for Reltio

Seamlessly connect MedProID® HCP data to a Reltio MDM.

Automatically append the required information to HCP records for PDMA license validation, Federal & State Aggregate Spend reporting, and CIA specialty verification. This includes Full Name and Address, SLN, NPI, and CDS key identifiers.

Eliminate the need to create custom ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) and storage structures to facilitate the transfer of HCP data in/out of the Reltio Self-Learning Data Platform.

MedPro Concur Connect Export for Aggregate Spend

Eliminate FTP file transfers – automatically export default SAP Concur Expense reports (including Attendee Detail Extract (ADE) files) to Porzio AggregateSpendID® or any Aggregate Spend reporting solution.

Both Professional and Standard versions of SAP Concur Expense are supported.

Fully automated data processing – MedPro Concur Connect Expense and Invoice for clean data INTO the Concur platform and MedPro Concur Connect Export for clean data OUT.

It only takes minutes to set up!

Coming Soon:

Enhanced Web Service APIs

  • Google like Quick Search
  • Latest technologies – JSON, RESTful
  • Improved documentation and faster to implement

Please contact MedPro Systems for a detailed overview of MedProID’s latest features or view the Version 18.0 Release Notes now available in the MedProID InfoCenter.

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