MedProID Background

Center Your MDM Efforts on Accurate Healthcare Data with MedProID

From record creation to ongoing management, enrich your customer universe with clean healthcare licensing data for streamlined master data management (MDM).

With our expanding MedProID DirectID integrations, users have greater accessibility than ever to quick search and add accurate healthcare practitioner (HCP) and healthcare organization (HCO) license data directly from within their MDM platforms.

Our DirectID solutions also enhance existing customer universe records with all key identifiers aggregated into one profile, remove pre-existing errors and duplicates, and provide proactive updates for any license status or demographic changes that occur.

Key MDM Enrichment Features:

  • Automatically append HCP records with the required information for Aggregate Spend, DSCSA, Ohio TDDD, and PDMA compliance requirements.
  • Eliminate duplicate records, missing key identifiers, and manual entry via our automated process and supplemental data stewardship services.
  • Seamlessly integrate clean license data with every major MDM provider in the industry, including, SAP Concur, Reltio, and more via RESTful or SOAP-based APIs.
  • Embed compliance in your process from the ground up, including flexible data solutions to meet customer-defined validation rules.

Demo Today:

Contact us for a free comprehensive test data review. Send MedPro Systems any size customer test file, and we’ll validate it against our industry-leading MedProID database for a no-cost, no-obligation data review.

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