MedProID Background

Announcing Version 20 of MedProID

MedPro Systems is pleased to announce the latest update to the MedProID solution set as part of our continued effort to meet the compliance, regulatory, and marketing needs of the Life Sciences industry.

Version 20’s Key Features:

  • Data acquisition and matching improvements
  • New software and user interface features
  • Expanded MedPro partner integrations
  • Upgraded reporting capabilities

Data Acquisition and Matching Improvements

MPV Inclusion in Best Specialty Calculation

MedPro Verified (MPV), MedPro Systems’ exclusive in-house dataset sourced direct from physician offices and facilities, has been enhanced to provide new data attributes, increased volume, and expanded accessibility options across the MedProID platform, including in: Best Specialty calculations, Web Services, and more.

French Data with MedPro – Concur Connect International

Customers of our new MedPro Concur Connect – International solution will be able to seamlessly capture and manage all French HCP data attributes, directly within their Concur Expense and Concur Invoice environments to meet France’s transparency reporting requirements. France is the first non-US data set supported by our solutions, soon followed by others as MedPro looks to expand its global HCP data presence.

New Software and User Interface Features

BulkID Matching Enhancement

BulkID, our automated matching and validation solution, now supports ‘Fuzzy Match Rules,’ increasing the success rate of matches against misspelled or mistyped data.

WebID User Interface Enhancements

WebID, our browser-based healthcare license lookup solution, now supports the following new Advanced Search fields: ‘Responsible Person’ and ‘Profile Level Status.’ Additionally, User Preferences have been expanded to include ‘Standardized Address’ display options.

Expanded MedPro Partner Integrations

DirectID – Upgrades

DirectID – provides a powerful connection to the industry-leading MedProID license validation database directly within the platform. Upgrades have been made to further strengthen accessibility and features under the Lightning design, including customizable notifications and errors. System updates to accommodate Territory Management 2.0 are also available.

New DirectID Partners

To further provide expanded data access and streamlined services, MedPro continues to partner with the leading vendors of the Life Sciences space. New DirectID integrations for Version 20 include:

  • Beghou Consulting within the ARMADA and Mainsail platforms
  • PharMethod within the PharmASSIST and PharmaSPEAK solutions
  • Vector Health within the AccuSign application

Upgraded Reporting Capabilities

Modernization of Report Tab

The MedProID Reports tab has been redesigned to improve user interaction and report access. All reports now generate in a new grid format allowing for more responsive functionality and filtering options.

Report Customization Availability

In addition to the standard Reports tab, MedPro is now offering custom reporting capabilities. Customers can request a specific report or work with a Reporting Specialist at MedPro to design a custom report for their company based on their needs.

DirectID – Proactive Reporting

To assist customers who utilize DirectID –, MedPro has designed a proactive support model to provide valuable insight into their data and tool usage. DirectID customers can meet with a MedPro Representative on a recurring basis to review powerful statistics pertaining to their usage of the tool.

Visit the MedProID InfoCenter to view the full Version 20 release notes or please feel free to contact your Sales Representative to schedule a convenient time for an complete overview.

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