MedPro Systems Launches Compliance Advisory Services

Life Sciences organizations can now turn to MedPro Systems for comprehensive compliance guidance and solutions from an in-house team of pharmaceutical and medical device experts

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Mount Arlington, N.J., April 01, 2021 — MedPro Systems, the leading provider of healthcare license validation solutions to the Life Sciences industry, today launched MedPro Compliance Advisory Services (MCA), an in-house team focused on providing customized and practical compliance services for biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device organizations. With the expansion of MedPro’s support offering, customers can turn to a single vendor for the data, technology, and guidance needed to create best-in-class compliance programs and meet regulatory obligations.

The MCA team, built on the diverse experience of pharmaceutical and device compliance experts and attorneys, is led by Terra Buckley, JD, who previously served as Vice President, Head of Compliance at Mesoblast, and Head of the Compliance Business Advisory Team at Celgene. The team also includes Associate Director Chelsea Ott, JD, Senior Compliance Advisor Elan Schefflein, JD, and Senior Compliance Analysts Benjamin Goodrow and Dustin Krueger. MCA provides the regulatory expertise behind MedPro’s ComplianceReportingID, including the RegulatoryID module, as well as effective compliance program assessments, builds, and enhancements.

“Today, Life Sciences organizations must consistently meet the obligations of new and highly technical regulations including transparency reporting while still working to enhance their compliance programs to meet the evolving expectations of regulators,” said Terra Buckley, Vice President, Head of MedPro Compliance Advisory Services. “When I was the head of compliance for both pre-commercial and commercial organizations, I was always looking for a partner who could provide the most reliable and real-world advice and services at a reasonable cost. This is at the core of what MedPro does, and we are thrilled to bring this same philosophy to our customers through Compliance Advisory Services. We are committed to meeting our customers’ evolving needs, from pre-commercial compliance and transparency program design and builds, to ongoing enhancement. We want our customers to know that we get it, we’ve been there, and we can help.”

MedPro Systems has a 30+ year history of helping Life Sciences organizations meet their regulatory obligations through leading data, software, service, and value. The natural expansion of these core offerings via MCA makes MedPro uniquely situated to provide all elements needed to build robust compliance programs, including gap analysis and program design; policy, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and training development; and auditing, monitoring, and investigations support.

Learn more about MedPro Compliance Advisory Services here.

Learn more about the launch of MedPro’s ComplianceReportingID, a complete Transparency Reporting solution for the Life Sciences industry, here.

About MedPro Systems

MedPro Systems is the leading provider of healthcare license validation solutions to the Life Sciences industry. Over 600 Life Sciences customers, including 22 of the Top 25 Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, leverage MedPro’s suite of solutions to seamlessly meet Aggregate Spend, DSCSA, Ohio TDDD, PDMA, Stark Law, and more requirements.

Powering MedPro’s solutions is the industry-leading 26M healthcare practitioner (HCP) and healthcare organization (HCO) license database, MedProID®, backed by MedPro’s premier customer support.

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