Massachusetts updates to MCSR & SLN data validation 

What Changed

In late 2023, Massachusetts began transitioning their license data to a new platform to publish professional license (MA SLN) and all Massachusetts Controlled Substance Registration (MCSR) information. This changed data availability, creating complexity around data acquisition and storage and highlighted Massachusetts regulations around prescription drugs.

In Massachusetts all prescription drugs are considered a “controlled substance”. A MCSR is required in addition to the professional license (MA SLN) to prescribe, request/receive prescription drug samples, or receive trade prescription drug products. The MCSR is location specific, and an individual licensee may hold multiple MCSRs.

What to be Aware of

Since early December 2023, MedPro Systems has been communicating directly with the Massachusetts MCSR and IT departments regarding data required for verification, evaluated the information published by the state, and worked with them to identify anomalies and gaps in the data, which were then remedied.

These changes have introduced an address-specific component to the license verification process – requiring the standard SLN verification but adding new checks around valid MCSR licenses for each practitioner.

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