Navigating the New MCSR Landscape in Massachusetts

Strategies for Ensuring Compliance

MedPro Systems’ Jennifer Valentine (Senior Director of Regulatory Compliance and Data Governance), Dan Loeffler (Vice President of Product Development), and Joe Cordasco (Vice President of Sales and Marketing) from Synergistix discuss practical steps pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors can take to ensure compliance with Massachusetts regulations.

DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this presentation is intended to provide an overview of US federal & state healthcare compliance requirements, related license data validation, and related best practices. This information is not intended to provide an exhaustive explanation of regulations, nor should it be used in place of a thorough review of the regulations as they apply to your company’s situations and should not be used in place of advice provided by your compliance department or legal counsel.

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Are you a Pharmaceutical Manufacturer or Distributor shipping prescription drugs or providing samples to Massachusetts Healthcare Providers (HCPs)?

In this webinar, MedPro Systems’ panel of experts address the impact of Massachusetts laws on HCP license verification. The panel focuses on the critical need for compliance in the wake of Massachusetts Controlled Substance Registration (MCSR) data transition and the separation from MA State License Numbers (SLNs). They guide you through the requirements and the compliance challenges you may face going forward.

You will learn:

  • The impact of MCSR changes on your compliance strategy
  • Practical steps to ensure you meet all requirements
  • Best practices for acquiring and storing complex data for MCSR verification
  • How to navigate data discrepancies and missing information in the initial MCSR rollout

MedPro Systems has communicated with the MA Program Counsel Department of Public Health – Drug Control Program to better inform and equip our customers to confidently address these updates and challenges today.

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