MedPro Systems and NXLevel Solutions Introduce a Revolutionary Approach to Compliance Program Development and Training

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The partnership provides Life Sciences compliance professionals with a seamless approach to compliance program design and development

Mount Arlington, NJ, June 29, 2021 – MedPro Systems and its Compliance Advisory Services team today announced a partnership with PharmaCertify, the compliance training division of NXLevel Solutions, to help Life Sciences organizations implement more effective and cohesive compliance programs. Through their combined skill sets and expertise, the two organizations bring a more powerful and unified approach to the planning, design, and execution of their clients’ programs and training curricula.

“Too often, compliance programs and training courses are developed in silos, and the result can be an inconsistent look and feel, and cadence. I have spent a lot of time managing multiple vendors and their varying timelines, and driving the cohesiveness of the program,” said Terra Buckley, Vice President and Head of MedPro’s Compliance Advisory Services. “I have worked with the team at PharmaCertify throughout my career, and having the ability to integrate the training and knowledge reinforcement components they produce into our combined services is a game changer for our clients.”

“MedPro Systems is one of the most respected names in the industry,” said Dan O’Connor, Senior Vice President at PharmaCertify. “Now that MedPro offers advisory services, partnering with Terra Buckley and her team of experts and attorneys is a great step forward as we continue to evolve the depth and breadth of our off-the-shelf and custom-developed training.”

MedPro’s Compliance Advisory Services specializes in tailored regulatory guidance by MedPro’s subject matter experts. When that guidance is combined with NXLevel’s instructional design and technology experience, clients have access to engaging and effective compliance training, customized to their risks and requirements.

Contact MedPro Systems or PharmaCertify for a complete overview of their combined compliance capabilities.

About PharmaCertify

PharmaCertify has helped Life Sciences companies build ethical cultures and reduce risk with innovative compliance training, reinforcement tools, and performance support solutions since 2004.

As part of the life sciences training company, NXLevel Solutions, PharmaCertify offers a full range of off-the-shelf and custom learning solutions, including the Compliance FoundationsTM library of customizable eLearning modules, custom eLearning development, Compliance QuickTakesTM microlearning modules, workshops, infographics and reference guides, and the AccessLMSTM learning management system. To see demos and learn how PharmaCertify can help you be a “compliance training hero,” visit PharmaCertify.

About MedPro Systems

MedPro Systems is trusted by over 600 Life Sciences customers to provide comprehensive compliance programs, technology, and data solutions. For over 20 years, MedPro has supported customers to meet requirements in Aggregate Spend, DSCSA, Ohio TDDD, PDMA, and Stark Law through their industry-leading MedProID® platform, MedPro ComplianceReportingIDTM Transparency Reporting solution, and MedPro Compliance Advisory Services.

MedPro Compliance Advisory Services (MCA), a diverse in-house team of pharmaceutical and medical device compliance experts and attorneys, are the trusted resource for the development and enhancement of compliance and transparency programs. The team of subject matter experts track, analyze, and translate changing laws and regulations impacting the Life Sciences industry, and thanks to their vast network are able to benchmark best practices and provide reliable guidance to their clients.

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