MedPro Systems Launches Complete Solution for Life Sciences Transparency Reporting

Life Sciences organizations can now turn to the MedPro ComplianceReportingID, solution for all their Aggregate Spend reporting needs

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Mount Arlington, N.J., April 01, 2021 — MedPro Systems, the leading provider of healthcare license validation solutions to the Life Sciences industry, today launched MedPro ComplianceReportingID (MCR), an end-to-end Transparency Reporting solution empowering companies to fulfill their Federal Open Payments (Sunshine Act), State, Local, and International Aggregate Spend reporting obligations with a single vendor.

Since the creation of the Federal Open Payments national disclosure program in 2013, there have been more than 76 million transactions reported to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) by applicable Life Sciences organizations in order to provide transparency to their financial relationships with physicians. With the enacted Open Payments program expansion for 2021 data capture and 2022 reporting, these same organizations must now include payments and transfers of value for an expanded list of Covered Recipients known as Non-Physician Practitioners and address the expanded nature of payment categories and device reporting requirements. Internationally, there is an increasing number of countries adopting similar Transparency Reporting regulations. The obligations for reportable recipients, spend, deadlines, and the submission process vary greatly by jurisdiction and require close monitoring. The ever-expanding complexity and frequency of changes for reporting drive the need for Life Sciences organizations to turn to MedPro, an established and trusted partner to manage these obligations to ensure compliance for both US and International reporting.

With MedPro ComplianceReportingID, customers can meet all the requirements for Transparency Reporting on a single platform, which includes clean, vetted healthcare license data with real-time enrichment, automated report generation, and premier customer support, and which is trusted by more than 600 organizations today. Backing MedPro ComplianceReportingID, is MedPro’s integrated Compliance Advisory Services (MCA) that serves as the regulatory expertise behind the system and provides ongoing tracking and resources to ensure customers stay current and compliant with changing laws and regulations. MCA is ready to assist companies in building their robust transparency programs through their expertise and compliance benchmarking. Learn more about the launch of MedPro’s integrated MCA support services here.

“For more than 20 years, MedPro Systems has supported Transparency Reporting for leading Life Sciences organizations, from the top 25 pharmaceutical companies to medical device manufacturer start-ups. We are committed to serving our customers and providing them with integrated solutions to meet regulatory requirements. MedPro ComplianceReportingID, which leverages our existing industry gold standard healthcare practitioner and healthcare organization database, MedProID, is a natural extension of our product line. We are thrilled to provide a solution that meets the constantly evolving compliance and regulatory needs that our customers face, with our cutting-edge technology, top-notch Compliance Advisory Services team, and superior customer support,” said Ray Ungemach, Co-Founder of MedPro Systems.

MCR delivers the benefits that Life Sciences customers need for Transparency Reporting:

  • Integrated regulatory and compliance capability: From the integrity of the data, to the knowledge and support of the MedPro Compliance Services Advisory team, MedPro ComplianceReportingID delivers seamless reporting and compliance capabilities to lower risk and streamline your compliance with reporting obligations.
  • Trusted data and technology: MedPro ComplianceReportingID is built upon an established, industry-leading data and technology framework to meet Federal Open Payments (Sunshine Act), State, Local, and International Transparency Reporting requirements.
  • Flexible and scalable: From emerging start-ups to the largest pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, MedPro ComplianceReportingID can scale and flex to meet the needs of all Life Sciences organizations.

Learn more about MedPro Compliance Advisory Services here.

Learn more about the launch of MedPro’s ComplianceReportingID here.

About MedPro Systems

MedPro Systems is the leading provider of healthcare license validation solutions to the Life Sciences industry. Over 600 Life Sciences customers, including 22 of the Top 25 Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, leverage MedPro’s suite of solutions to seamlessly meet Aggregate Spend, DSCSA, Ohio TDDD, PDMA, Stark Law, and more requirements.

Powering MedPro’s solutions is the industry-leading 26M healthcare practitioner (HCP) and healthcare organization (HCO) license database, MedProID, backed by MedPro’s premier customer support.

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