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MedPro Systems named SAP Concur Partner of the Year for 3rd Straight Year!

At the 2018 SAP Concur Fusion conference in Seattle, WA, MedPro Systems® was named SAP Concur’s App Center Partner of the Year for Strategic Industries for the 3rd straight year! MedPro supports over 250 SAP Concur Expense and Invoice Customers, who have completed 9 million searches in last 5 years.

MedPro’s industry-leading connectors MedPro Concur Connect – Expense & MedPro Concur Connect – Invoice allow real-time access to the MedProID® database via SAP Concur Expense & SAP Concur Invoice to simplify accurate HCP data capture for transparency reporting. And new in 2018, MedPro’s third app offered in the SAP Concur App Center, MedPro Concur Connect – Export for Aggregate Spend, automates exporting of default SAP Concur expense reports (including ADE files) to Porzio AggregateSpendID® or any Aggregate Spend reporting solution.

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